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  1. Volume 07, page 171 view | image
    that Algarrobito was the only village on the river which was untouched by the flood waters, an island of refuge in the 1'nael- Strum." News Briefs A cable from Zambia dated April 28, 1968 sent to the Universal House of Justice states: REPORT TEMPLE LAND A Cameroon Republic cable of May 22, 1968 reads: . . REPORTS GOOD . . . NINE NEW ASSEMBLIES . . From Tanzania: . . ANNOUNCE FORMATION 6 NEW LSAS RID- VAN. . . The year-old National Assembly of Belize announced thirteen local assemblies and sixty-nine localities

  2. Volume 07, page 329 view | image
    , Dennis Makiwa, brought joy and encouragement to the friends in Zomba, Limbo, Liwonde Village, Naminyuku, and Amalika Forest. The trip to Liwonde Village took him and veteran Baha'i teacher George Mpyaila on a sixteen-mile walk in heavy rain, but when the visitors arrived they found many people gathered and of the thirty-one who heard of the Faith from their talk, five declared. Zambh One community in Zambia, during Intercalary Days, made sweets and took them to children who were crippled by polio

  3. Volume 07, page 401 view | image
    communities in North East Africa. Prayers were offered in Amharic, Persian, Swahili, and English. Uganda Hand of the Cause of God, Enoch Olinga, presided at the oflicial opening of the Baha'i Teaching Institute of Kikaya, Kampala, June T, attended by students from Busog, Bugunda and the Western Region. Other insti- tutes arc scheduled for Mbale and Gulu, with aoggm- panying radio announcements and newspaper adver- tisernents. Zambia Auxiliary Board member, Mrs. Helen Willis, met

  4. Volume 07, page 580 view | image
    Steiner's call for pioneer work points out that the principal way of teaching requires renuncia- tion of old customs and putting one's self under the protection of His call, coupled with the enthusiasm generated by the consultation, bore fruit: there will be a pioneer for Zambia, three other pio- neers, twelve Baha'i teachers, sixteen new home cir- cles, and DM 10,000.00 for the House of Worship in Panama.

  5. Volume 07, page 667 view | image
    . Proceeding through Africa to teach and to confer with National Assemblies and Continental Boards of Coun- sellors, he met with the National Spiritual Assemblies Kenya and Trmzania Prior to a long stay in Uganda where, in the village of Tilling, he further intensified an first mass conversion in that area and activat- ed a special conference of pioneers and teachers, Flying to Rwanda and Burundi, to Zambia, Botswana, South Africa and Swaziland, to Mozambique, Rhodesia and Malawi, to Tanzania, Comoro

  6. Volume 08, page 23 view | image
    Counsellor Shidan Fathe- azam, who shared in the question and answer period. The speaker was not perturbed -by the barrage of ques- tions following his talk on the development of man under the title Years from Adam." So interested was the Program Manager of Zambia Tl? that he requested a recorded interview for release at 7:30 p.m. on Sunday, 21st August. This interview, a full half-hour, appeared under the title "The Baha'i Faith." This has been our most outstanding proclamation achievement so far. or rm
    : BsnA'is or ZAMBIA

  7. Volume 08, page 301 view | image
    been met with. Ruhiyyih Iihanum told him that the greatest compliment she could pay to Africa was that two women traveled alone across this vast continent and were not afraid. She said that we had realized the villagers everywhere would be kind and helpful. The President smiled and said "This is two-way traffic Madam; it is your attitude which has created such an atmosphere for you." 1>>-in Rzihiyyih iQ1.a'.num with the well-known Chief Ike- Ienge of Zambia. Ruhiyyih Iflianum said she wished
    ." He replied: have set aside a special time on Sunday after I return from Church for study and reading such material." Lusaka, Zambia, Bahd'.'i community meeting in-

  8. Volume 08, page 302 view | image
    of Zambia alone, we were told, there are forty-five Local Assemblies. Unfortunately, because of heavy rains we were not able to meet with many believ- ers. One of the goals of the National Assembly is the erection in that district of a Teaching Institute. We were Meeting with the Ba.hci'is of Mwiailunga, Zambia. 1 .

  9. Volume 08, page 303 view | image
    - . - . .. .. -. .. - an - --. 'Iii Audience of teachers at the National in Service Train- ing College, Chalimbani, Zambia. happy to hear later on that it had been completed. It was the pineapple season. An amusing scene took place. Without understanding a word, we were able to follow the movements of a husband and wife and under- stand all that was said. When the couple arrived bring- ing a basket of pineapples as a gift for Riihiyyih I-Qianum and they saw a dozen or so pineapples already
    of Zambia was completed when several months later she was able to cross over the Rhodesian border into the southern town of Livingstone and meet the active and devoted Baha'i community in the village of Mukuni. These dear friends who were disappointed in the month of March because Rithiyyih 1-jllianum was too ill to visit them, rejoiced in her pres- ence and presented her with a wood carving they had specially made for her. In Livingstone itself, at the home of the only pioneers there, a young Persian
    . Ruhiyyih lihanum said: "The purpose of my talk tonight and my visit to your country is not to discuss such controver- sial issues; I am expounding a principle which is vital and important for us Baha'is. lf every individual is given the freedom to judge his government and decide whether it is a just or unjust one, and reserves for himself the A carved wooden head made for Amotifil-Bahri by the Bnhci'is of Mokimi in Southern Zambia.

  10. Volume 08, page 436 view | image
    amivi NEWS 'fink ., -. .. . - wk-a_l I I . ,4 . zzcsaos MAY1973 I-EUROPE - . 1/-if . . . - . NOFITH-EASTERN ff . - -- -p ASIA WESTERN ASIA 50AMERICA I CENTRALAM-EH10-A ENTRAL 7' 1 I --. .- ans": AFRICA - SOUTHERN AFRECA Aus'raAi.AsiA . . J. - -- Zones of the Continental Boards of Counsellors, May I973 3. 4. 5. 7 Southern Africa All the continent of Africa south of the northern frontiers of Angola, Zambia, Malawi and Mozam- bique plus the Island of Madagascar and all islands

  11. Volume 08, page 544 view | image
    xi-nu>> -.. I I People restaurants (far right) lean over railing to see film bemg shown at Baha'i booth below. Auxiliary Board member Dr. John Dar (right), and National Assembly Secr- Mrs. A. Cookson (left). Lusaka Agricultural Show Around A month before the Lusaka Agricultural Show, in Zambia, the Lusaka Local Spiritual Assembly decided that they would apply for a booth. To their surprise and delight one was available--a corner booth near two entrances to Jubilee Hall, right below

  12. Volume 08, page 64 view | image
    I6 APRIL, 1972 -- i 7 _i i Southern AFrico-- Youth Summer School The first Baha'i Youth Summer School for Southern Africa was called by the Continental Board of Counsel- lors for that region and held in Swaziland at their Baha'i Institute from the 25th of December, 1971 through the 2nd of January, 1972. people of approximate youth age attended. They represented the following countries: five from Botswana, three from Malawi, ten from Rho- desia (all Salisbury area), one from Zambia, thirty-one

  13. Volume 08, page 9 view | image
    The foregoing cablegram was sent by The Universal House of Justice on receipt of news of the sudden passing of Dr. Sydney I. Dean on December 25 in Con-cord, Cali- fornia, where he and Mrs. Dean had been visiting friends for a few days prior to their scheduled departure the following day to settle as pioneers in Zambia. Last sum- mer Dr. Dean had spent a short time in Zambia where he participated in a week of intensive public teaching with the Baha'is of Lusaka. Dr. and Mrs. Dean have pioneered in many

  14. Volume 09, page 196 view | image
    I . ffifi' - Salah Dorari, Gloria Menezes, Allison Gro ver, Michael Lanzaro at entertainment night during Children's Conference. 77 1 1 Auxiliary Board member A.K. Furudi, left, talks about mass teaching with K. Khorsandian and Jagdish Gandhi, right. Baha' is of various Indian states attended the school, with guests from Iran, Muscat, Zambia, and England. Ninety-five chil- dren, ages 5-14, participated in the children's conference and over 150 youth and adults attended the school. Every one
    . The children sat spell-bound while she told them stories of 'Abdu'l-Baha. The children were also impressed with a couple from Zambia who told them of the customs and culture of that African nation. A six- year-old commented that they were a real example of the Baha'i Faith. With the loving help of some of the Baha'i youth the children prepared two skits and several songs which they pre- sented on the last evening. One of the children gave a report in which she express- ed the feeling of all the children

  15. Volume 09, page 237 view | image
    with great success. Several youth from other countries as- sisted in Malawi, and a youth from Malawi went to Zambia for several months. Jergen Aiff of South Africa spent three weeks in Malawi deepening many As- semblies in villages and -assisting with the elections for delegates to Malawi's Na- tional Convention. Michael Servina of the Seychelles Islands visited Malawi for a week, enhancing his efforts with his guitar. Richard Hainsworth of England was in Malawi during January and Feb- ruary. He spent
    most of his time in the bush, assisting with delegate elections. George Mpyaila went from Malawi to Zambia and assisted with the formation of several new Assemblies. also helped open new localities to the Faith. Malaysia National Assembly sets 1976 Plan deadline After conferring with the Hand of the Cause of God Ral_1matu'llah Muhajir, the National Spiritual Assembly announced that all Five Year Plan Goals for Malaysia should be accomplished by November 1976. Dr. Muhajir met with the Baha

  16. Volume 09, page 268 view | image
    and certificate to each child. The children's happy smiles became wider when Mr. Aazam also gave them choco- late bars. Counsellors address youth at school The recent lntemational Baha'i Youth School at Hlekweni Rural Training Center was attended by 133 Baha'is from Bots- wana, South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Zambia, Seychelles, Malawi, Germany, the United States, and Rhodesia. The conference was highlighted by an evening discussion for the friends with three Continental Counsellors and five Auxiliary Board

  17. Volume 09, page 412 view | image
    . United States Pioneering Institute held The Pioneering Institute held October 28-3] was the first to be held at the John and Louise Bosch Baha'i School in Santa Cruz, California. Thirty Baha'is attended in preparation to fill pioneering posts in Bermuda, Chile, Costa Rica, the Domini- can Republic, Guana, Guatemala, Mariana, the Marshall Islands, the Philip- pines, Portugal, Surinam, Tonga, Ven- ezuela and Zambia. Australia Baha'is join others in regional conference 4 On the weekend of December 10

  18. Volume 09, page 430 view | image
    brought was true. During the teaching trip, the pioneers opened 15 villages. _In eight of these, the Cause was embraced by all the residents. In Haut-Zaire the Cause was accepted by people of different religious back- grounds. A number of youth were in- cluded among the new believers. "The result," the pioneers reported, "was a gift of land to build a Center and a spirit of joy mixed with tears, as if they had discovered the mysteries of the New Kingdom." Zambia Five villagers declare In the village
    to be built The Baha'is of Kachenge, Zambia, have set themselves the goal of making 2,000 bricks with which to construct a Baha'i Center for. their community. Through the combined efforts of the be- lievers, 1,400 bricks have already been made.- January 1977/Baha'i News 7

  19. Volume 09, page 455 view | image
    of town, is a cement structure. The Baha'is hope to re- novate the top floor to serve as an apart- ment for the caretaker. The middle floor will contain offices and conference rooms and the ground floor is to serve as an area for receiving the public. Malawi i Prayer book translated An introductory pamphlet to the Faith and a prayer book have been translated into Chitonga, reported the National Spiritual Assembly of Malawi. The Chitonga language is spoken by tribes in Malawi, Rhodesia and Zambia

  20. Volume 09, page 627 view | image
    Of the 170 believers at the conference, 106 were women representing 20 localities. The conference cabled the Universal House of Justice: "Beseech prayers Holy Shrines success six-month plan." Zambia Auto trouble leads to Assembly formation A Local Spiritual Assembly was formed in January in the village of Machipisa, Zambia, an area not previously visited by Bahe'is. The formation came about when four Baha'is from Lusaka had a car breakdown on the way to Mongu. Since the group already had
    a deepening and teaching class was held, two more villa- gers accepted the Faith. Faith is discussed at primary school Bahe'is were invited to speak to stu- dents in the fifth, sixth and seventh grades at Chipongwe Primary School in Chilangwe, Zambia, in February. The Baha'is were given 40 minutes to speak, but the discussion lasted for an hour and a half. The Baha'is left books and promised to return in a week to answer questions. When they returned, they found a tre- mendous interest in the Faith among

  21. Volume 09, page 819 view | image
    . The Spiritual Asseiithl}. tional Committee. and .\'ataonal Youth Cotiimittee each reported on the present state of the Faith in Finland and outlined their plans for the teaching work during the stim:tiei'. Zambia Youth open village Following .1 recent deepening institute at Zambia. two south frotn Lusaka were aslsed to arrange a deepening class and project tn Ll il- 'The_\ agreed to l_ro_ hut got lost on the wa} and wen: to an unopenee sil- lage. \\'hile aitzrg for a hus to take them to the tillage thes

  22. Volume 10, page 208 view | image
    pre- sented by Dr. Nerenberg at the Na- tional Center. "Grandma" Gregory conducted a meeting February 24 on the power and significance of prayer. A large number of believers and guests were present for her presentation. Zambia An accurate, two-page article on the Faith that included a photo- graph of the House of Worship in Kampala, Uganda, appeared in an issue of The Weekend World, a weekly newspaper in Lusaka, Zambia, last October. The article contained an account of Baha'i history
    and a description of the Administrative Order as well as a synopsis of the Teachings. Material left with the newspaper weeks before by the National Spiritual Assembly of Zambia had not produced any press coverage at the time. The material was adapted for the remarkable and unsolicited feature story. Canary Islands About 30 non-Baha'is attended a recent program on the Faith at the University of La Laguna in Ten- erife, Canary Islands. The pro- gram was given in the university's auditorium by Farzad Taheri

  23. Volume 10, page 219 view | image
    "" Swaziland' AMERICAS Guatemala Guyana Haiti' Honduras Iamaica Mexico Pa narnaifi 1-1-1- ASIA PalZambia" Zimbabwe Rhodesia Pemiifi I Puerto Rico Surinam Trinidad and Tobago United States Venezuela"" - Singapore (Sri Lanka) Taiwan I Thailarldil Solomon Islands" New Hebrides"** Switzerland United

  24. Volume 10, page 391 view | image
    in Paris, France; New Delhi, India; Macuto, Venezela; and Lusaka, Zambia. In Paris, Mrs. Annette Zahra'i and Mrs. Francoise Teclemarian attended a seminar of the Economic Commission for Europe on the Partici- pation of Women in the Economic Evolution of the Re- gion (]uly 1-12, 1979); Counsellor Zena Sorabjee, Mrs. Tahira Vajdi and Mrs. Bharati Gandhi represented the Baha'i International Community at the Regional Prep- aratory Conference held in New Delhi (November 5-9, 1979) under the sponsorship

  25. Volume 10, page 455 view | image
    is large enough to accom- modate up to 50 people, was built by four Baha'i men. The dedication ceremony in- cluded the reading of prayers, a brief address by Mr. Robarts, and singing. The Spiritual Assembly of Templeton Ranch was presented with gifts from the Continental Board of Counsellors, the National Spiritual Assembly of Zimbabwe, visiting believers from Zambia, and the Rose Garden Baha'i commu- nity near Salisbury. One gift for the new a rendering of the Greatest Name, arrived by air from

  26. Volume 10, page 532 view | image
    it seemed on the surface that things were going backward, in reality the National Spiritual Assembly of South and West Africa had had the privilege of spawning both children and grandchildren, as there are now National Spiritual Assemblies in most of the countries and islands of sou- thern Africa. For instance, the National Spiritual Assembly of South Central Africa, which originally included Malawi, Rhodesia, Zambia and Botswana, gave birth in 1967 to the National Spiritual Assembly of Zambia

  27. Volume 10, page 596 view | image
    a self-help group of disabled people and their families. In the audience of 330 was the ob- server representing the Austrian Baha'i community at the Vienna office of the United Nations Information Service who gave an informative talk on the International Year of the Disabled. "The Dawnbreakers" have planned a series of benefit concerts in the nine provincial capitals of Austria with the proceeds to go to organizations made up of disabled persons. Zambia The National Teaching Committee of Zambia
    planned for Baha'i partici- pation again last year in many of the country's agricultural shows. From May through August, regional teaching committees, Local Spiritual Assemblies and individual Baha'is helped proclaim the Faith at shows in 12 areas of the country. After examining a copy of the book All Things Made New that was pre- sented to him by the Spiritual Assem- bly of Kitwe, Zambia, and the Copper- belt Regional Teaching Committee, Prime Minister Nalumino Mundia commented, "This is wonderful
    ." In 1980, the Faith was proclaimed through Baha'i booths at 10 provincial and local agricultural shows in various parts of Zambia. Sri Lanka Two of the Seven Year Plan goals as- signed to Sri Lanka, "opening the is- lands of Delft and Mannar," have al- ready been won with the formation of three Local Assemblies on Delft and one on Mannar, prompting the Natio- nal Spiritual Assembly of Sri Lanka to ask for approval from the Universal House of Justice to adopt two other small islands as goals for opening

  28. Volume 10, page 637 view | image
    during a Tlingit "naming ceremony." Zambia Baha'is in Mpika, Zambia, have opened five new localities to the Faith, introduced the Faith to district authori- ties in Chinsali. and participated in ag- ricultural shows in Mpika, Isoka, and Chief Chikwanda, where about 600 people heard about the Faith. The friends in Mpika hold regular deepening classes, early morning prayer sessions, and weekly firesides. Several young Baha'is who were re- cently graduated from Mpika Agricul- tural College hope

  29. Volume 10, page 666 view | image
    -Commission's re- port. Later, under an agenda item dealing with gross violations of human rights in any part of the world, many delega- tions spoke of the situation in Iran, and referred specifically to the reli- gious persecution of the Baha'is. The first five speakers in this debate--ltaly, the Netherlands, Australia, the Federal Republic of Germany and Den- mark--all emphasized the plight of the Baha'is, as did later speakers including Canada, the United Kingdom, Togo, Zambia, Belgium, Norway and Ire

  30. Volume 10, page 692 view | image
    knows the teachings of his. Zimbabwe Approximately 225 people from Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Lesotho, Bots- wana, South Africa, Zambia, Malawi, Italy, Ireland and Germany attended a Baha'i summer school last December 26-January 3 near Bulawayo in Essex- vale, Zimbabwe. The school was dedicated to the re- cent Baha'i in Iran. Classes covered living the Baha'i life; Baha'i history, administration and community life; child education; the Covenant, and Baha'i literature. Workshops were held on the enrich

  31. Volume 10, page 7 view | image
    Centers built, 4 local endowments acquired, national endowment in progress. . Zaire . Assemblies 1,463, localities 4,100." Zambia Local Assemblies, l2 incorporated, 68 endowments, 32 local Centers, 3 district Centers. . .-1,172 localities." August News 5

  32. Volume 10, page 718 view | image
    member E. Lutch- Convention of Mauritius, held at rnaya, representing the Continental Ridvcin at the Bahd Institute in Belle- Board of Counsellors, addresses dele- Rose. gates and guests at the Bahd'i'National Memory Greatest Holy Leaf, win goals three-year plan." Tanzania--" 1 ,200 shillings collected in name NSA Iran." Transkei--"Third annual Conven- tion . . . first in own National Cen- Ire." Uganda--"Renewed spirit determi- nation optimism evident . . Zambia--"Opportunities long dreamed

  33. Volume 10, page 840 view | image
    - change, some of the students invited the friends to join them for refresh- ments and to continue the lively dis- cussionZtit. itfi More than 80 Baha'1's including rep- resentatives of 26 Local Spiritual As- semblies in Zambia attended a deepen- ing course last October 9-l7 at the Ba- ha'1' Teaching Institute in Mwinilunga. Zambia The deepening program, designed for chairmen and secretaries of Local Assemblies, was held in conjunction with a youth conference and child edu- cation institute
    . Speakers at the deepening included Auxiliary Board member Vahid Bam and Joel Chitafu, a member of the Na- tional Spiritual Assembly of Zambia. Topics for consultation included Ba- ha'i laws, duties of Local Spiritual As- semblies and their divine origin, teach- ing, prayer, the Fast, the Nineteen Day Feast, and the role of Auxiliary Board members and their assistants. Border teaching also was discussed along with the need for homefront pio- neers. Several of those present offered to become homefront
    pioneers to vari- ous locations in northwestern Zambia. During an evening campfire session, Mr. Bam told the story of Mulla Hu- sayn and Quddus and how their sacri- fices had led them to find and recog- nize the Bab. The story led to questions that lasted until midnight. The youth then took up their drums and home- made guitars and played and sang until dawn. Baha'i NewsIMarch 1983 13

  34. Volume 11, page 155 view | image
    Africa/ India I I Visiting Baha'1 helps teaching institutes organize to deepen many new believers The photographs on this page were taken during a trip through Africa and India from October I983 to February I984 by Dr. Faramarz Ettehadieh of Linz, Austria. The purpose of his trip was to help Bahd'i' teaching institutes in planning, organization, motivation and control. Top photo: Dr. Etie- hadieh (standing second from right) with Bahd'tIs near Zambia's capital city, Lusaka. Right: Children

  35. Volume 11, page 177 view | image
    for the In- the House of W0fShip construction site streswd the new t? mcrease Praia' dian subcontinent is clearly shown in were members of the Continental mation efforts and to improve the - - - - -- - -e - - -- - -- quality of Baha'i life. Zambia I Two Baha'is appeared last Novem- ber 20 on a 40-minute television pro- gram in Zambia. The program was devoted entirely to the Faith and included a discussion of -the persecution of Baha'is in Iran. The Baha'is who took part were Joel Chitafu, a member
    of the National Spiritual Assembly of Zambia, and Dr. F. Ettehadieh, a visiting member of the Auxiliary Board from Austria. I Bangladesh Seventy people including many non- Baha'i guests attended an observance I last October l9 of the anniversary of the Birth of the Bab at the national in Dhaka, Bangla- desh. 1- 1 -- The formal program included talks and a question-and-answer session that elicited lively participation. The Ba- ha'is also presented a book display. Baha'i NewsIJune 15

  36. Volume 11, page 3 view | image
    --"Pledge achieve all goals second phase and self-sufficiency funds." varied and represen- tative participation ever attained . . . out of 25 regions, 22 contributed to the Fund?' 'Transkei--"Recent Holy Land trip reports captivated friends. Deepening sense belonging world community Baha'u'1lah." Uganda--"I-Iigh spirits 20 delegates 28 visitors blessed presence Counsellor Oule." Upper Volta--"Seventh Convention Upper Volta . . . Ask prayers protec- tion Faith, spiritual enrichment." Zambia-"l7th

  37. Volume 11, page 508 view | image
    children in Baha'i tutorial schools; from the Gambia a young Baha'i woman was sent to represent her government at a youth conference in Jamaica; in three regions of Zaire the youth plan to offer stage performances called "Peace or Sword" and lectures on "Participa- tion, Development and Peace"; in Ma- lawi a Baha'i delegation is in touch with the Ministry of Youth regarding Baha'i involvement in the year's cele- brations; Zambia's youth are cooper- ating with their government's activi- ties

  38. Volume 11, page 578 view | image
    , and disease prevention methods. Dur- ing this period, the student technicians work under the guidance of one local Spiritual Assembly in the area but pro- vide services to all the Assemblies within their reach. The funds for the project are being provided by contribu- tions from the local believers. (August 1985) Zambia. Tutorial schools. The Ma- chipisa, Mpeji, Musa and Ntende schools Provide pre-school education and are fully supported by fees paid by parents. Two are held in Baha'i-owned buildings, one

  39. Volume 11, page 761 view | image
    the realization of. . .aspirations for a world without war." Baha'1' youth in more than 50 coun- tries held IYY activities. In 22 of them, the collaborated with govern- ment agencies or other non-Baha'1' groups to sponsor events. A small sampling will serve to show the many and varied activities cited in the BIC's report: In Africa, there was aid to the drought-stricken, care for the sick and elderly, and tree-planting in Chad; youth tutored school children in Bots- wana and Zambia; and youth dramas entitled

  40. Volume 12, page 106 view | image
    Kingdom United States Uruguay Vanuatu Venezuela Virgin Islands West Caroline Is. Zambia Zimbabwe Baha'i NawaIJuly 1987

  41. Volume 12, page 236 view | image
    Tunisia Turkey Tuvalu Uganda Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States Uruguay Vanuatu Vatican City Venda Vietnam Virgin Islands Yemen North Yemen South Yugoslavia Zaire Zambia Zimbabwe Indirect Indirect Direct Direct Indirect Indirect Indirect Direct Indirect Direct Indirect Direct Indirect Direct Indirect Indirect Indirect Indirect Indirect Direct Description of presentation 24, 1985. Peace message sent to Head of State by registered mail from B.I.C. office, January 28, 1986

  42. Volume 12, page 355 view | image
    at which a local member of Parliament, Mrs. Keall, unveiled a bronze plaque on which are inscribed the words "Dedicated to the Oneness of Mankind" and the name of the Takapuna Baha'i community. Children presented Mrs. Keall with Thoughts on Peace and a bouquet of flowers, and a youth acted a spokes- man for the Baha'i community, thank- ing Mrs. Keall for her participation. The dedication received excellent local newspaper coverage. Zambia During a visit last March 3 to the William Mmutle Maseltha Baha
    '1' In- stitute, R.C. Kamanga, chairman of the Rural Development Committee, the highest-ranking policy-making body in Zambia next to the Cabinet, praised the Baha'is for their efforts to develop rural areas. Mr. Kamanga, whose visit was part of a provincial tour, was accompanied by the district governor, representa- tives from several other ministries and cooperative unions, officials from par- ty headquarters, and members of the press. While inspecting the agricultural demonstration plots, he
    referred specifically to the cooperation between the Institute and the research unit of the Ministry of Agriculture. Copies of the peace statement were given to Mr. Kamanga and those in his entourage, and an article headlined "Baha'1's Praised" appeared on the front page of the Sunday Times of Zambia. Brazil A recent nationwide contest for the design of the National Baha'i Center in Brasilia, Brazil, drew entries from some of the most prominent architects in that country. The contest was sponsored

  43. Volume 12, page 431 view | image
    village turned out to see a slide presentation given by the youth. On the following day, 45 adults and many children embraced the Faith. Following the orientation, the young people traveled to neighboring coun- tries such as Lesotho and Zambia to begin the project. In September, the project, now in full swing, was reinforced by the Star '88 Conference, conducted by the youth and attended by 130 young peo- ple from 18 countries. They welcomed the participation of Counsellors Lucretia Mancho Warren

  44. Volume 12, page 448 view | image
    . They also presented bookmarks to each guest at the event. Each was dec- orated with one of the paper peace cranes and included a quotation from the Writings: "When a thought of war comes oppose it by a stronger thought of peace. A thought of hatred must be destroyed by a more powerful thought oflovef' Zambia l' I-In-Ilia Lp The event was covered in detail on Radio Lesotho and on the front page of the national English-language news- paper. lt 'ritual Assembly of Ndola during Zambia 's head of state, Dr

  45. Volume 12, page 483 view | image
    passing. About 200 peo- ple attended the event. ass I Members of the 'Spirit of Badi' teach- ing campaign in New Zealand enjoy a moment of relaxation and fellowship. During the campaign 95 adults, youth and children, divided into 19 teams, traveled the entire length of New Zea- land 's South Island. Friendships were made with elders in Maori communi- ties, and seven new believers were en- rolled. Zambia The Baha'1's of Zambia were given a pleasant surprise as they manned their booth
    to surprise the Zambian Baha'is. The Agricultural Show is visited each year by an estimated 100,000 to 200,000 people from Zambia and neighboring countries. Under the di- rection of the Spiritual Assembly of Lusaka, Baha'is have taken part reg- ularly in the show by organizing a Ba- ha'1' display. 12 March 1989IBaha'i News

  46. Volume 12, page 561 view | image
    of the peace statement were presented to a number of dignitaries while inter- views were conducted by Radio Ma- lawi, Radio Zambia, and a women's magazine in t\/Ialawi. "Baha'1's spread message of hope" was the cover story in the March 18 issue of African Concord, a pan- African weekly magazine. The article. written by a Baha'i. Philip Hainsworth, includes photo- graphs of Baha'is in Africa and the House of Worship in Kampala, Ugan- da. The magazine's editor, Tunde biaka, who is also a Baha'i', said
    As- semblies in each of the six countries: Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda. Zambia and Zimbabwe. New Dawn Engineering, a private venture based in Manzini, Swaziland. is dedicated to the development of labor-intensive manufacturing pro- cesses and other technologies that employ and empower the rural poor. i i i Senegal New Baha"tIs in the village of Diacoye Banga, in the Ziguinchor region of Senegal, gather to learn more about the Faith. They are among the 219 new be- -0 u-c . . --I, -b :8 . fit

  47. Volume 12, page 596 view | image
    on various aspects of the Faith. An- nouncements of the public meetings were broadcast on local radio. Zambia More than 250 people were enrolled in the Faith during the first three months of 1989 in various regions of Zambia. The Spiritual Assemblies of Ntam- bu, Museli and Saigilunga organized a teaching campaign in that area during which 44 people accepted the Faith. A new Assembly was formed in Kawaz- haika. From December 25, 1988, to Janu- ary 20, 1989, the number of new be- lievers in the Mumbwa

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    or employees have been permitted to absent themselves from school or work without penalty, although there is no official documentation of this right. AFRICA Bophuthatswana Ethiopia Ghana Kenya Liberia Malawi Mauritius Namibia Seychelles Swaziland Tanzania Uganda Zambia Zimbabwe AMERICAS Alaska Argentina Barbados Belize Bolivia Brazil Canada Chile Colombia Costa Rica Dominican Republic Guatemala Guyana Jamaica Panama Paraguay Peru Puerto Rico Trinidad and Tobago United States Venezuela Virgin Islands Jun

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    group versities, held last April 8-13 at the Nueva Primavera (New Springtime) Jamaliyyih Bahd't'Institute in El Salva- perform at a variety show, which was dor. About 50 people from five coun- part of an International Conference tries attended the conference. for Teaching the Bahti Faith at Uni- India Zambia in southern Zambia a former priest of a Christian church, his wife and daughter have embraced the Faith. He has served his church for some time as treasurer but said he must leave the church